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The Best Ways to Take Care of Your Automobile’s Brakes

The last thing you will want to fail while on the road is your brakes. Despite the improved technology and modern safety measures, brake failures pose serious threats to the driver, the passengers, and the pedestrians, depending on the speed at which you were driving at the moment. Keeping your brakes healthy must be a priority, especially when it does not require rocket science techniques and expensive servicing. A few simple driving habits and maintenance schedules should prolong the life of your automobile’s brakes. Here the best ways.

Manage your regular speed of driving

A survey showed that braking a car from a speed of 65 mph led to 33% more energy loss than braking from 55 mph. And energy loss in the braking system is nothing but heat generated which exerts pressure on every component. This is why most buy here pay here car lots recommend their owners to drive at acceptable speeds to reduce heat dissipated which, in turn, preserves the quality of the braking pads and fluids. Excessive heating is like overwork for the brakes. If unnecessary, avoid showing off your driving skills within the city limits.

Keep a tab on the brake fluid

The brake fluid is what picks up the generated heat from the brakes and distributes it all over the system. Under normal conditions, the process is quick which helps to maintain the health of the braking pads and the disc. However, over time, braking fluids lose their absorption and dissipation properties and require flushing. Moisture also seeps in to contaminate the same and lower the boiling point. The top dealers selling buy here pay here cars recommend a two-year flushing interval. You can consult earlier if you drive under hot weather conditions

Coast first and brake last

Coasting is the process where you allow your car to run on built-up inertia by taking your foot off the gas. This reduces your vehicle’s speed naturally without the brakes deployed. When you finally apply the brakes, the speed is already down to half of what you were cruising at and the brake pads have less work to do. You can easily coast during turns when you know the light will be on for some time or by keeping a safe distance between you and the car in front. Letting the road’s friction help your brakes is the smartest way to save your braking system.

Avoid brake riding at all cost

Ever felt the need to drive with one foot on the brake and another on the gas pedal? That becomes brake riding when you press down both simultaneously. As obvious, your brakes are continuously deployed. They are trying to resist speed up when you are trying to do just the opposite. Brake riding creates unnecessary heat when you could instead drive at a slower speed. The brake pads receive serious damage. And the rotor warps. Use one foot to operate both the gas and brake pedal. This will help keep the habit at bay.

Check in with your gut feeling

All drivers have gut feelings. Whether you are new to the job or a seasoned veteran, you will know when the brakes are not working fine. Time and again, be conscious about how well your car is braking and keep your ears open for any out-of-place sounds and warning signs. Strange braking is not a common phenomenon. Neither is an extra force on the brake pedals. If anything feels off, take your car to a professional and have the braking system checked. You may lose a few dollars regularly but the figure is nothing when compared to the cost of an accident. Lastly, invest in quality brakes. The top buy here pay here in Greer sc will always direct you towards quality brakes that typically calls for greater investment. A cheap and counterfeit braking system is as good as no brake at all. In case you are going for a replacement, or even a fluid flush, make sure to invest in the right products as your driving habits will stand irrelevant if your brakes are not up to the mark. Look for warranties. Check the durability. And in this age of the internet, go over online reviews before making the final call.


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