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Top 10 Useless Features You Really Do Not Need in Your Car

Automobile technology has taken long strides forward. While we are thankful for features like airbags and traction control, a few innovations in the list are completely useless. You can do without them. In fact, you can drive better without them. And save at least a few thousand bucks in the process. Manufacturers are continuously packing new cars with such useless tech to charge a premium price from customers by calling the additions an update from the previous models. It will be smarter to buy used cars in Greer, SC instead without any of the following 10 useless features that only work to inflate the net price.


You have surely seen the advertisements where the cars are being driven on picturesque roads with trees all around and a bright sun up in the sky. During the drive, the roof slides open, the warm light bathes the interiors and the passengers are happy. What the ads do not tell you is that the sunroofs leak water when it rains heavily, even when it is closed. And in places with cooler climates, the roof freezes you to death by letting cool wind in and the sun does nothing. You can do without the sunroof. If you need fresh air, just roll your windows down

Paddle shifters

These are small switches mounted on the steering wheel that works like the stick. You can flick whenever you need to change gears. Seems handy? Not at all. Paddles shifters are generally mounted on vehicles with automatic transmission. And today’s transmission technology is smart enough to detect the need for gear change without much human intervention. Avoid used cars or used trucks in Greer, SC with paddle shifters. One, you do not need them. And two, they cause more problems when broken

Social media integration

We really do not need to scroll social media while driving. Wasn’t texting and driving killing enough Americans on the road already? Manufacturers market social media integration as a tech you must have. Imagine posting an update on Facebook immediately as you park in front of a famous restaurant. Well, you can do that from your phone right after. And you do without letting the internet know where you are all the time. The one time you can stay off social media is while driving your car.

CD players

Who carries a bunch load of CDs in their glove boxes now? They are as obsolete as the dinosaur. No one will use the CD player if the car has internet connectivity. If not subscription-based music, people carry flash drives that can store more songs than a CD anyway. Mounting CD players on cars and then charging a fortune for it is utterly useless. Only the old used cars in Greer, SC have CD players. The rest have more USB ports in their place.

Motorized rear-view mirrors

Motorized side-view mirrors were necessary. You cannot adjust these by putting your hand out of the window while cruising on a highway. But motorizing the rear-view mirror which sits safely inside the car and is accessible was completely pointless. If takes more time to press a host of buttons and get the angle right. You can do it faster in the traditional way. Mercedes was the carmaker who popularized motorized rear-view mirrors but the tech is useless

MirrorLink connectivity

This is how you can mirror your phone’s screen on the dashboard’s infotainment screen and access all your apps through that. Fancy! But just like having social media on your car, this will only increase the number of distractions you will become prone to while driving. You do not play a movie while you are on the road. Neither will you want to order food on the go. So, why will you even need to mirror your phone on the car’s screen?

Standalone GPS

Okay, you might want to mirror your phone’s screen on the car’s screen to access GPS navigation. That is helpful. But then the standalone GPS device mounted on your dashboard is rendered useless. In fact, that is a technology of the past when our phones were not smart. Today, you do not need satellite-connected guidance as internet connectivity has improved almost everywhere. Really, use your phone for navigation. The standalone devices are an extra $500 that you do not need to spend.

Dynamic steering

A dangerous innovation, let alone useless. You will find new cars having multiple modes of driving ranging from basic to sports. The difference among them lies in the ease with which you can turn the steering wheel. In the basic mode, steering will be easy. In the sports mode, you will have to put in more rotation. Most drivers cannot adjust their habits between these modes and, as a result, ram into other cars. Buy used cars and used trucks in Greer, SC with just one driving mode instead

Moisture sensing wipers

A few things function better when left under manual control. One such car part is the windshield wiper. Car manufacturers got innovative and equipped the windshield wipers with moisture sensors that detect the water content of the air and activate accordingly. Great to have such automation! But the technology was put into cars prematurely. The sensors lose control when it rains heavily and the wipers start functioning with a mind of their own. Either it wipes too lightly under heavy rain or too hard under light rain

Night vision

Do not get swayed by the night vision technology. It will only make your used cars easy financing in Greer, SC difficult by over inflating the price of the vehicle. Night visions use an infrared camera to display the road in front on your infotainment screen. You can navigate in the dark and see while driving at night. But isn’t that what the headlights are for? Will you ever switch off the headlights and solely drive looking at the dashboard screen? Never. The night vision technology is as useless as it gets


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