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How to Turn Your Car into a Mobile Sanctuary?

The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 sent all of us to our homes. And by all of us, we mean ourselves, our spouses, the kids, and work – all packed into one place. With everything going online and the general expectation being that we will tackle all from our homes, things soon fell into chaos as none of us were ready to accept this new normal. Thus, the personal angle vanished from our home lives and the only place where we could get some space and distraction-free time was our cars. This is why many people turned their cars into mobile sanctuaries during the pandemic. Be it attending a Zoom call or reading a book while sipping coffee, Americans took shelter in their cars temporarily to get away from the chaos of the house and work/rest in peace. If you are feeling the need to turn your used car into a mobile sanctuary, here is how to do it. A few simple add-ons and you are good to go.

Invest in a car power inverter

Now, most modern used cars in Duncan, Greer, SC, will come with USB ports that might be enough to charge your phone but when you have to plug multiple gadgets or intend to work/relax for long hours, you will need the services of a car power inverter. You get 2 AC outlets along with 2 USB charging points. And the gadget can fit right inside your cup holder. The point of this $30-odd investment is to give yourself ample power supply to finish your work right inside the car and not stay dependent on your electronics’ battery limit.

A laptop desk or a steering wheel desk

Depending on where you will want to work, you will either need a laptop desk or a steering wheel desk. If you prefer the backseat where there is more room, a laptop desk will help keep the computer ventilated, disperse the heat without touching your skin, and provide extra space for a mouse. The steering wheel desk comes in handy if you really like the driver’s seat. Both are great to enjoy the occasional beverage or fries without fearing spills as well.

A trashcan with adjustable straps

Say you have settled in your car with a bag of chips, ready to binge your favorite show in peace. And right at the pinnacle of thrill, the chips bag is empty and you have nowhere to dispose of it. Do you return to your home? Of course not. A trashcan that fits with your center console can save your peace of mind and also keep the car clean. Even during work, you will want the flow to continue, and having the trashcan to throw your coffee cup can help maintain your productivity.

Seamless internet connectivity

If your current car is due for an upgrade, visit the top used car dealerships in Greer, SC to look for vehicles that allow mobile hotspot functionality. With the right monthly data plan, you can drive to any spot without the worry of internet connectivity. Alternately, you can choose to park in front of your house and use the home Wi-Fi by adding a booster to the router. This will increase the home internet’s coverage. Or, if you do not want to do any of these, drive up to a public library and use the Wi-Fi there right inside your car.

There you go!

Your car is now a basic mobile sanctuary. Certainly, you can add more accessories to your car and make the vehicle even more comfortable but the cost factor will always count as the gadgets you add will increase your expenses. But you can visit affordable car dealerships in Greer, SC, and pick a quality used car that fits your budget with the accessories included and enjoy the personal space you deserve. Times have surely changed but that does not mean you cannot adapt. With a little creativity, your car can become your second home/office.


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