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How to Take Care of Your Vehicle If You Are Not Driving Much in Greer City?

The year 2020 sent almost all cars to their garages or parking spots for extended periods. Things have improved post that phase but there are still used car owners who are seldom taking out their cars in the city. Most of us now have a hybrid working system where we are partly working from home and partly from the office. We also get our food and groceries delivered given the threat of the coronavirus that is still looming. So, if you are not driving your car much, how do you take care of it? Do you leave the vehicle as it is or is there any need for regular maintenance?

You will still need to actively maintain the vehicle

Just because you are not driving your used cars in Duncan, Greer, SC, it does not mean that the vehicles will not age. The oil in the tank or the tires on which the vehicle stands age with time if not with miles. The effect of passing days without movement is the same as driving the vehicles every day. So, read your owner’s manual and stick to the suggested time of maintenance. If an oil change is required after 6 months or 5,000 miles, you should get it done after 6 months irrespective of whether your vehicle has seen 5,000 miles or not.

Always store the car clean

No matter how infrequently you drive your car or where you store it, make sure that you are storing the vehicle clean. The best way to maintain this is to clean your car inside out at least once every week. A simple ignored leaf on the car’s roof can eat away at the paint with time and expose the metal underneath to rust. A layer of dust on the grille can choke up the air filter way before its replacement time and pressurize the engine. Clean cars survive long and seldom see frequent repairs.

Keep the fuel tank nearly full

Visit any of the top used car dealerships in Greer, SC and you will see that the fuel tanks of their fleet are nearly full. This is done to prevent moisture build-up inside the tank that can contaminate both the oil and rust the insides of the gas tank. Both are detrimental to the health of the car. An infrequently used vehicle does not heat up much to evaporate the internal moisture and keeping the fuel tank full prevents any excess air to accumulate inside. If you are not driving your car often, spend that extra money on gasoline.

Maintain the tire pressure at optimal levels

Unused tires age quickly. With the entire weight of the car falling on a concentrated portion of the tire, the wheels tend to lose their shape along with developing other issues like uneven tread erosion, brittle surface, and more. To prevent these from happening, refer to the owner’s manual and maintain the optimal tire pressure in your vehicle. Also, rotate the tires periodically to ensure that the car’s dead weight stays distributed on the overall tire surface and just one side does not take the full impact.

Start the engine and run it for 20 minutes

If you really have not taken out your car for a long time in Greer, you need to start the engine and keep it running just to allow the vehicle to heat up. Take the best used cars or used trucks for sale in Greer, SC and none of them can survive idle conditions. The fluids inside tend to pool in one area and the engine parts lose their lubrication. Over time, the internal mechanism age faster due to increased wear and tear.


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