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4 Winter Care Tips to Help Preserve Your Car’s Health

Just when the people of Texas nearly thought that peak winter was over, they were unexpectedly struck by a severe winter storm that plummeted the temperatures like never before, leaving people without power and other basic amenities. Right now, we cannot say for sure that South Carolina will never face such a situation. Maybe not this winter but the next might bring chills that we are all unused to. Along with saving our family and home, we need to take care of our cars as well because an unexpected winter takes a toll on our vehicles, cutting down their lives drastically if left neglected. So, here are 4 winter care tips from us at Family Auto, one of the top auto car dealerships in Greer, SC. Run through these now and every winter as a checklist to preserve your car’s health and keep it running continuously in good shape

Get the battery checked by a professional

During winters, the first car part that almost always gives up life is the vehicle’s battery. And if the battery is dead, the car’s engine will not start. You will not want this to happen when you stopped for some reason on the highway or are still far away from home in the city. Keep track of the battery’s performance and allow a professional to carry out the volt test to ensure that the battery will run you well all through winter.

Fill up the gas tank

You will notice that most top used car dealerships in Greer, SC keep their fleet’s gas tank filled during January, the coldest month in South Carolina. This prevents any moisture in the air to freeze within the tank and compromise the performance of the engine. Throughout winter at least, avoid running or parking your vehicle on a near-empty tank. The practice will help preserve the longevity of the engine.

Regularly monitor tire pressure

The air inside the tire tends to contract with dropping temperatures. This reduces tire pressure below optimal which can ultimately lead to uneven erosion or even tread separation. If your current vehicle does not have an in-built tire pressure monitoring system, consider upgrading to one of our used cars for bad credit. The TMPS is a crucial technology that will help you throughout winter and even when summer hits.

Check the headlights

We get fewer sunshine hours during winter. By the time we return home from work, darkness engulfs the surroundings. In winters especially, headlights tend to get foggy or yellow and it is impossible for you to stop your car every 5 minutes and wipe the lights. What you need is a strong functioning beam during winters. If you see that your car’s headlights have lost their vigor or are flickering, know it is time to replace them.


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