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How Do I Know That It Is Time to Trade My Old Car and Buy a New Used One?

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It is not an easy decision for many to give up their current old car and buy a new used one. At times, our emotions are attached to that car. We have formed many memories. Or simply, we merely like the way it drives and feels and do not want the change just yet. But there are times when old cars run their span and cease to be financially sound. At times, the repair costs amount to a figure that is more than the cost of a new used car. So, how do you separate logic from emotion and know that the time has come for your old car? What parameters do you look at and decide that you need to visit one of the top used car dealerships in Greer, SC, and go for a trade-off? Here, we list a few simple parameters. If these boxes check out, you do not need to explore any further

The repair costs are really mounting

Damage to the transmission or suspension can cost anywhere around $3,000 to $7,000. And if this becomes frequent, say once a year, understand that the car needs serious reconditioning. Along with this comes the regular replacements owing to wear and tire as the vehicle gets old and services like a tire change or timing belt change can claim $2,000 from your savings. Over time, if you keep track, you will see these repair costs pilling up. It is then you should know that the next time the transmission goes bust, pay the $7,000 as a down payment for your next used car rather than fixing the old vehicle.

You want modern safety tech

Say you added a new member to your family recently. You will know in your heart that you can no longer take him/her out in your 2000’s car. It will not have the safety techs that facilitate modern drivers and you can never put too much faith in your driving skills. Here, an upgrade is necessary for the sake of your family. You will want the latest ABS, blind-spot monitoring, pedestrian detection, and so on. Almost all current used cars and used trucks for sale in Greer, SC carry these features. Your decision stands between you and your safety.

Your car is just too old

Modern cars are known to run for a long time. Some clock well over 300,000 miles and can go for a few hundreds more. But a car this old is highly unpredictable and can break down anywhere, anytime. If you do not see yourself stranded in the middle of the highway with a smoking car, get the upgrade you deserve. A trade-in with quality used cars in Duncan, Greer, SC, makes perfect sense as 100,000 miles cars are far more predictable if you buy with a warranty. Finance, safety, and age – the three golden factors of coming to a decision. Trade, use the monetary value as a down payment, and gift yourself a new used car which can be your ride to make new memories.


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