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Car Trade-In: How to Know if the Greer Dealership Value is Fair?

Trading in your old car for a fair value is a whole process altogether. It takes as much research as buying a quality used car. And even after that, there is no guarantee that you will get the best value in the market during trade-in if the dealership you pick is not as reputable as you previously thought. Fortunately, there are ways to research and understand if the value you are getting at any Greer dealership is fair or not. A slight deviation from your expectation is okay but what you actually receive cannot take a huge dive from the benchmark you had set.

Take your old car for a free appraisal

This is the best way to get some idea about your vehicle’s actual worth and also eliminating/considering a few used car dealerships in Greer, SC, in the process. Find out the entities that are offering free appraisals. Take your car as it is, that is without any major repairs and replacements, and get an estimate. You will probably get a range that dealerships are willing to pay. Avoid transacting now before further research.

Find out the price of your car in the market

Type in your car’s model, make, and year of manufacturer and see what the ads are saying. Any listing site should give you a number that will suggest what dealerships are asking for the exact model like your car. From that figure, subtract around $3,000 to arrive at the price that you can expect from the trade-in, provided your vehicle is in perfect condition, not requiring hefty repairs. Again, the motive here is to get a range. Combined with the free appraisal estimate, you can fine-tune your expectations.

Take help from online appraisal websites

Websites like Edmunds and Kelly Blue Book carry out online appraisals based on your inputs. Be brutally honest when you enter the details of your old car. You will generally get three price ranges. One, what you will get if you trade at a dealership. Two, the dollar value a private buyer is likely to pay. And three, how much is your make and model currently selling for at dealerships. Refine your trade-in expectation further if necessary. Factor in that amount before looking at used cars and used trucks for sale in Greer, SC.

Or, simply come to Family Auto of Greer

You can bypass all the hassles and worries about getting a fair value on your old car trade-in by visiting our reputable dealership with buy here pay here in Greer, SC. We offer the best prices on trade-ins and use genuine approaches to appraise your car. We look for quality, give you what you deserve, and use the market rates as our benchmarks to build our inventory. No false claims, no fake strategies. Bring your old car to our dealership, get the best appraisal and value, and buy the used car that you have your sights upon.


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