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Why Should You Prioritize Buying a Used Car with the Second Stimulus Money?

Under the CARES Act of March 2020, every eligible American citizen is now receiving a second round of stimulus money from the US Department of Treasury on top of the first stimulus checks handed out a few months back. This time, the amount is exactly half of last time. If you received $1,200 during the first round, expect delivery of $600 very soon. Now, you can do a million things with this $600. The government wants you to spend the money for the benefit of the economy. However, above all the other novel things that $600 can buy, you seriously need to consider buying a used car, using the amount as a down payment. Why? Let’s elaborate.

It is not yet safe to travel by public transport

You surely know about the safety concerns that existed throughout 2020 regarding traveling by public transport. It was not recommended as the virus spreads faster in crowded places and modes that are used by multiple people throughout the day carry greater risks of infection. Even though things may seem much normal now, such threats from the COVID-19 has not gone away, and they are not going away any time soon even with the vaccine available. Thus, the very first reason to prioritize buying a used car with the second stimulus money is for the good of you and your family’s health. Private cars are going to the safest form of commute throughout 2021.

You will need something to help you during emergencies

Recently, a few parts of Europe went into a second phase of lockdowns. A new strain of the COVID-19 virus is doing rounds and restrictions similar to the first half of 2020 seems to be coming back. Try and go back in time now. How did it feel to not have a car when everything was shut down and you needed emergency commodities for your house? Worse, what if you need to drive someone to the hospital and the healthcare infrastructure is just too overwhelmed? We do not know yet if we will have a second round of stay-at-home regulations in the US but you will want to be prepared. If you have the $600, use it pay a down payment for a quality used car so that you have a personal vehicle if things go downhill again.

Find a better job, increase your income

The American economy is open for now. Businesses that had shut down during the peak COVID-phase are operating and hiring again. This is your chance to upgrade your job, add another source of income, or earn a little more from the same job to make up for the hit that you took in 2020. All of these are possible with a personal car. Buying a used car will not excessively cost you but you can use the vehicle to venture out to find a better job or work overtime to earn extra. You are getting the stimulus money now. With a used car, you can save and build now. If another crisis hits and the government does not provide any more stimulus checks, you will know that at least you and your family are set.

Prioritize buying a used car

Because the amount is just right to buy a quality used car with a 2-years/36,000 miles warranty at Family Auto of Greer. Tap into your vast inventory and get the car you need. Finance it yourself with our buy here pay here bad credit auto loans and own a vehicle without any credit score fuss. Not always does the government hand out money and not always will you get such an opportunity. Make the best use of the second stimulus check and find success in your life.


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