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4 Reasons to Buy a Used Car in 2021 with Your Tax Refund

The tax refunds that come from the IRS are no small amounts. Often, Americans get $3,000 back in tax refunds which, pretty much, can buy most household commodities. Some choose to just save it in the savings account. Others decide to get the house painted. But you need to look at buying a used car in 2021 using the tax refund money as a down payment. Why? Because 2020 has been unique in many ways and the following 4 reasons decisively point to buying used cars as the best idea.

Driving your personal car will be the safest form of commute

The coronavirus pandemic that shook the whole world in 2020 is still around. And although things have opened up to help the country’s economy, the safety protocols are still in place. This means that you are still advised to wear masks in public and practice social distancing. And public transports will not be safe to use until the vaccine works on everyone in full effect. All this is going to take time. So, expect 2021 to be quite similar to 2020. This is a reason convincing enough to buy a used car with the tax refund money – for personal use and safety.

New cars are not economically feasible

Almost 22 million people lost their jobs due to the pandemic in 2020. Even though the economy is gradually recovering now, the financial situation is still not stable. Hence, this is no time to invest in a new car whose average price clocks at around $36,000. In contrast, used cars only come at $20,000 on average. Logic dictates that at such turmoil and uncertain times, you cut down on your spending. And what better way to switch your purchase to a used car that comes with similar deals and quality.

Build your finances with your own car

If you have taken a financial hit in 2020 like everybody else, then 2021 is your time to rebuild. Businesses are opening again and companies are hiring. With your personal car, you can cash in on this opportunity by traveling further than your usual location to find a new higher-paying job. Or, you can cut down on your daily commute time to invest more hours in the office. Either way, you can grow your income and rebuild the savings that you had to use in 2020. Get prepared for the next wave of unforeseen bad days.

Used cars will get costlier in the coming years

2020 saw an increase in the prices of used cars during the pandemic. People have caught on to the offerings of used car dealerships where the deals are at par with new cars. For the reduced price, you get warranties in dealerships like Family Auto of Greer. You also get easy buy here pay here financing with no credit check. Such offers are increasing the demand for used cars and buying them now with your tax refund money will no only help you to purchase at an acceptable price but also resale at a high market rate bringing home profits.


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