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Top 5 Family-Friendly Vehicles You Can Consider Buying

Buying a car for the family – that is something worth cherishing. The perfect vehicle can make your weekends fun, decomplicate your shopping and accentuate all your family road trips to a whole new level. You do not look at the muscle or the roar of a car when you are buying it for your family. You need space, safety, and entertainment. And naturally, the top automakers do not disappoint.

So, here is your ultimate list of the top 5 family-friendly cars that you can consider buying when you visit a dealership and take a test drive. These cars are popular in their segments owing to their performance and have been faithfully serving many small and big US families for quite some time now. Take your pick, decide if one these deserves a spot in your garage and gift your family the greatest vehicle your money can buy.

1.Toyota Sienna

For those who need bulk and convenience in one single car – Toyota Sienna is the perfect vehicle. This is a minivan with all-wheel drive, packed with high-tech safety controls to protect your family. Stability control in Sienna is the best. Pedestrian detection is also exemplary. It comes with an auto-seat access feature as well that makes the car convenient for families with special needs and there is enough room to fit in a maximum of five child car seats.

2. Honda CR-V

And if you are not a big fan of a minivan and do not need monstrous space in your car, Honda’s CR-V has to be your next pick. This is, by far, the most popular family vehicles in the US for a variety of reasons. One, CR-V is compact but does not starve you of any space. Two, its safety features are highly accurate and work flawlessly on the road. And third, its fuel efficiency is right up the 28-30 mpg mark which makes the CR-V a fantastic buy.

3. Ford Escape

You can always stick to your home’s auto manufacturers and you will never have to look beyond Ford. As the cars bulk up, in size and in performance, Ford gradually begins to dominate the market. Anything with more than four seats, Ford gives others a tough challenge. Escape is the next best thing to CR-V if you are looking for a family car that is cheaper than its competitors but also excels in performance. This car is indeed a strong contender.

4.Chevrolet Traverse

Talking about US-make, Chevrolet Traverse is another close-winner in this category. It ticks all the right boxes from performance to space, safety to a utility. This is a car you take with you on your camping trips or furniture shopping as with its seats folded, Traverse offers you a complete vault. GMC did not hold back while designing its Traverse, simultaneously keeping in mind the needs of its consumers with a tight pocket.

5. Nissan Pathfinder

Nissan has won its consumers’ hearts with its Pathfinder. And that has been the trend for many years now. This is indeed a complete family-friendly vehicle. The technology installed is smart, safety features are as good as Honda and Toyota, and the size is just enough to fit five kid’s car seats. Pathfinder is really intelligent in it comes to protecting your family on road. And it does all these by keeping all of you entertained.

With the right dealership, you can test all these cars, all at once, and pick your preferred vehicle by test-driving all. That is why you need a buy here pay here near me dealer with a massive inventory where your options are limitless and expertise is just right. Family Auto is the name to remember as this is a dealer can get you the car you want. Buy the top family car and buy from the best. Your garage surely has space for one of these.


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