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How to Maintain Your Car’s AC?

Do you know how hot your car’s cabin becomes during peak summers when you take a long drive under the scorching sun with your AC off? 140 degrees Fahrenheit. That is enough to boil you over and over. With a faulty AC on board, you will definitely not want to take a ride in your car. Hence comes the question, how to maintain your car’s AC and ensure its longevity? How to make sure it does not make weird sounds and shuts down on you in the middle of the road, leaving you to get cooked inside your car’s cabin?

So, here are a few simple tips to help you to protect the most vital part of your Used Car near me during summers. Follow them and avoid getting grilled in your car.

  1. Keep the air filter clean

Yes, even your car’s air conditioner breathes through an air filter located just behind the glove box. If that is filled with dirt, it will either obstruct airflow into the air conditioner or send debris that will harm the compressor. All these will act together to slowly poison your car’s AC until the point comes when it completely shuts down. Thus, from time to time, take your glove box out, clear your filter, and reattach to keep the airway free.

  1. Operate your AC in recirculation mode

During the dry conditions of the summers, recirculation is your AC’s friend. In this mode, the air conditioner simply churns the air that is already inside your car’s cabin and does not take in dusty air from the surroundings. This protects the AC form debris and increases its life. But then you will have to ensure that the inside of your car is clean as well. Vacuum your mats and seats well to ensure a hygienic circulation.

  1. Get the AC serviced regularly
    Nothing can run for an eternity without care. You will need to take your car for an AC servicing and get a refill or change of the involved fluids. Your compressor will require lubrication, the pipes may need to be replaced. A lot of work needs to be done every 2-3 years to make sure that your AC serves you right. A simple leakage can reduce your AC’s internal pressure and make it shut down all of a sudden.

2. Do not let it sit idle

Of course, you do not need your AC during the winter months but this machine is not designed to sit idle. 3-4 months of inactivity can vary the gas pressure in the air conditioning system, lead to accumulation of debris, build of unwanted frost and make it dysfunctional. Hence, you cannot make your AC sit idle. If required, operate it for a few minutes at its highest temperature setting, but make sure that your AC gets some workout during the chilling times.

But before all these, before maintaining your car’s AC or taking it for regular servicing, you first need to buy a car with a properly functioning AC. These tips become useless if your vehicle came with a faulty AC in the first place. It is thus primary that you stick to the right dealerships with the right reputation who backs their cars with quality warranties. Family Auto is one such dealer where every car is put up on sale only after it is thoroughly serviced. When you buy from here, be sure that your car’s AC will be as good as new.

So, the answer to a faulty AC is never to take an Uber ride instead. You will still have to wait in the sun for your cab to arrive and pay surplus fare for the most outrageous of reasons. Keep your car healthy. Buy from the right dealers. And take your ride without any worries.


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