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How Much Down Payment Do You Have to Pay at BHPH Dealerships?

A burning question that always seems to surround even the best of buy here pay here dealerships is the amount of down payment that a customer has to pay while buying a used car. And the question is not unnatural. Most of the visitors of these dealerships come with a bad credit history, are often in financial turmoil and may not have the upfront cash to pay as down payments. So, before paying a visit to BHPH dealerships, getting an estimate always seems like a logical decision.

And this post is destined to do just that – give you an estimate. Here, you will get to know all the available options, solely on grounds of down payment, that you get while buying used cars for sale in Greer SC from buy here pay here car dealerships. So, without further delay, let’s get started.

The down payment is as much as you want

Many dealerships may claim a fixed amount as down payment, but at the top BHPH dealerships like Family Auto, this is never the case. If you choose to pay a low down payment upfront, your credit amount will naturally go up. And if you pay a lot initially, both your loan amount and the associated interest will fall. The best dealership will often leave the decision on you, and you are free to make the choice depending on how much you can swing.

There is the scope of flexibility

Then again, should you choose to buy your car from the Family Auto sales, you will also get flexibility in your down payment amount. For instance, you can exchange your old car in the buy here pay here dealership, use the vehicle’s cash equivalent to slash your net down payment and use the extra money you have to bring down the credit amount. The top dealerships also offer referral offers where you earn money upon referring the dealership to an acquaintance and use that to lower your down payment again. Flexibility is always available.

Lastly, the down payment amount is model dependent

And if by any chance you just cannot conjure much cash to pay as down payment, you can always settle for another car that comes with a lower price tag. At the best used cars for sale in Greer SC BHPH dealerships, you will never be making a compromise by selecting another car from the one you initially wanted. Every vehicle in such lots are of equal quality and comes with the same assurances. So, calculate your budget, visit the best buy here pay here dealerships in Greer and do not worry about down payments.