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Car Dealerships are Stepping Up During the Coronavirus Crisis

It is well-known that a crisis brings out the true nature of people. And that statement applies to business sectors as well. The COVID-19 pandemic is showing us the importance of healthcare for an economy and the frontline workers of this sector is currently the true heroes. But all other industries are also pitching in to help our lives going so that this temporary virus does not defeat us permanently. One such name is the US car industry where the workers are still serving with a smiling face and ensuring people the reliability of safe transport. In this crisis, all car dealerships in the entire nation are stepping up. These people are also helping to maintain sanity in these unsettling times.

Proper cleaning and sanitization of dealerships

The first step that most used car lots in Greer, SC, started taking was laying out a strict and regular sanitization regime. Right from the time when the first coronavirus case was reported in the US, dealerships got on the ground to deep clean all their shops and cars. Customers have also spoken about the daily sanitization process that dealers have carried out starting from January 2020 which made them feel secure during their visits. The United States was coming out of its flu season. The dealerships were already cleaning and continued when the coronavirus hit.

Prompt services with social distancing

Take South Carolina as an example. Even before the State’s advisory to not fill up dealerships beyond 20% of their full capacity, used car dealerships like the Family Auto started imposing restrictions on the number of people who can be present in their offices at a time. To reduce crowding, the dealership offered virtual tours to its customers, sent over the necessary papers via email, and asked its customers to come down only to give a signature and take delivery. The social distancing rules did not compromise the Family Auto dealership’s services. Most dealers maintained the same level of efficiency.

Flexible car financing offers

Ever since the COVID-19 also started to take away jobs, news has flown in from everywhere as to how car dealerships are modifying their payment systems to facilitate customers with strained finances. Some offered deferred credit payments. While others allowed 0% APR for a span of 84 months. A few also covered auto financing in case of a job loss due to COVID-19 just to remove the financial bottleneck from buying cars. Used car dealerships did their bit too. Interest rates reduced as per the country’s low benchmark and flexible payment offers came in to reduce credit and down payments. In a way, car dealerships have held the economy up on one end.

Special care for senior citizens

The coronavirus has put our senior citizens at most risk. Their reduced lung capacity cannot fight with the acute inflammation that the COVID-19 is causing. Car dealerships have thus taken extra care in dealing with their senior customers by maintaining proper social distancing rules, resorting to home delivery to prevent their travel, and disinfecting cars before handing over. Senior citizens need their cars to move around. Or, the vehicle can become their life saviors during emergencies. Dealerships recognized this early and have done their bit.

Plus, shoppers of used cars in Greer, SC, have also thanked dealerships for their stress-free service, expert handling despite a skeleton workforce, and availability during the hour of need. From selling to servicing, America’s car dealerships have shown why they are one of the most resilient batches of business owners in the entire world. Brands have temporarily forgotten their competition. Deals are coming out to suit the customers and not increase sales. The COVID-19 maybe painting a grim picture now but car dealerships are continuously offering the silver lining.


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