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Buying Used Cars Online During this Pandemic is Risky! Here’s Why

We are already half way through 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic is showing no signs of slowing down. The world is touching new COVID-19 records daily. The matter of having a vaccine is still a distant dream. To make matters worse, a few states in US are reinforcing lockdowns as COVID-19 cases are surging by the day. But life cannot wait for the pandemic to blow over. We have already taken health, economic, and social hits. Normalcy has to return in one way or the other as businesses are gradually going digital and people are accepting social distancing as the new way of interaction. One such evolution has been in the US auto industry. Although not ready, dealers are having to take their businesses online to survive this pandemic and customers are responding by buying cars remotely. For new cars, there cannot be any complaints. The vehicles come directly from manufacturer-certified dealers and all models and makes have just one history to show – they are fresh out of the factory. But when it comes to used cars, you must exercise caution. The risks of buying used cars in Greer, SC online outweigh the known benefits as there is a possibility of getting duped at every corner if you end up with the wrong dealership.

Risk 1: The physical distance of the virtual world

No matter how much technology has improved, no video calling system can replicate the physical experience. And it is particularly important to visit a dealership physically to buy the right used cars or used trucks in Greer, SC. For instance, taking advantage of the physical distance, the dealer might show you one car over Skype or Facetime and deliver another. The salesperson may also hurry with pitch and sell you a lemon car to which you will remain oblivious as everyone has little patience over video calls. And then comes your inability to walk around the lot and inspect the cars with your own eyes. You can only trust the best dealerships to list their fleet appropriately on their site with the right pictures.

Risk 2: No or limited test drive

Used cars reveal half their stories during the test drive. Many dealers are taking advantage of this COVID-19 pandemic to steal this right away from their customers and forcing people to buy cars without test drives. And you are left with little options to fight back as well. It is a law in a few states to complete all formalities like buying and registering online before a car is delivered at your home. Without test drives, you can never evaluate used cars perfectly. You will end up with unwanted histories that you could not spot during the virtual inspection or unclear VIN reports. The best buy here pay here in Greer, SC is thus making sales on an appointment basis. Visit the dealership with an appointment, test drive the car and complete the formalities in person.

Risk 3: Virtual dealership financing has loopholes

Dealership financing is not a new concept in the used car market. Customers with strained credit scores often for in house financing in Greer, SC, to purchase cars. But the migration to the virtual world has brought to light multiple loopholes of the average system with dealers still in adept to provide the service online. Plus, there are fraudsters who, again, take advantage of the distance of the virtual world to dupe customers. One common occurrence is to accept financing requests online, deliver the car, and then cancel the loan application at the last moment to sell a plan with a higher interest rate. Only accredited businesses can transact efficiently with you online and you must do your research before going for virtual in-house financing.

Risk 4: Selling your old car is a hassle

When the COVID-19 was not threatening humanity, trading in old cars to purchase a new used one was common. But virtual dealers are increasingly making it difficult for customers to trade-in their cars combined with offering outrageous deals. For instance, dealers are using the virtual opportunity to devalue old cars than their deserved amount and paying less to customers. Some are even taking away the old car but delaying the delivery of the new used car. Online buying is thus taking away a major benefit from the customers to bring down their loan amount and go for a proper upgrade. Here again, only reputed sellers of used cars in Greer, SC, are keeping their trade-in deal intact by combining the best of virtual and physical worlds.

So, if you have to buy a used car, pick the top buy here pay here in Greer, SC who could adapt right. Stay away from dealers who force you to transact everything online as it is easy to hide demons in the virtual world. The right dealer will modify as per your needs given this pandemic. Your experience will be seamless with all the health precautions perfectly in place.


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